June 01, 2017

For the last several months, classroom 9 has been participating in cooking activities as part of a school based business. Initially, they recreated the scene of a restaurant in order to give students some experience on what it feels like to perform jobs such as being a server and cook in a real and tangible way. Since then, the students have created wonderful edibles such as freshly made ice cream, pizza from scratch, and most recently espresso based coffee drinks.  It all begins with choices. The classroom SMART Board is used to present food choices that our students may like and allow students to choose from the pictures presented. Students choose from fonts, phrases, and pictures and a  menu is then produced. Students may choose from specific job cards where they will fill the role of their chose profession (a fry cook, server, etc.). Students also dress the part including wearing a shirt and tie when serving food to others and wearing aprons in the kitchen. With support from our educators and administrators, along with some hard work from our students, our business venture has really blossomed into meaningful work experience for our students that we can all take pride in!