Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) Lab

Kilmer Center is proud to announce the opening of its new Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) Lab.  The PTA, in conjunction with the staff and the community, held fund raisers for three years to raise the necessary funds to install this latest technology in sensory education. 

The M.I.L.E. is a new development in sensory room technology bringing an interactive sensory room, an interactive learning platform, a calming sensory room and stimulating sensory room into one product.

The M.I.L.E. Lab incorporates changing light, sound, video, vibration, moving air and different aromas to create an environment that can calm or stimulate the senses, making lessons imaginative, exciting, creative, and fun.

It also encourages teachers to be creative with their lessons, bringing the information alive rather than simply reading from a text book.  If you are teaching science lesson introducing the seasons and focusing on Spring, why not take your students virtually into the environment with the floral fragrances filling your nostrils, the sight of the budding flowers, the noise and sight of rain coming down and the feeling the rush of wind, while videos display a variety of spring activities around the globe?   Or if your class focus is on specific vocabulary, make those terms come to life encompassing all the senses in an active learning experience. 

It is also completely versatile and each scenario can be designed to suit an individual and help develop skills including cause and effect, number and shape recognition, and gross and fine motor skills.  The M.I.L.E. Lab can also be used as an ideal place for calming a child who is upset or distressed.