Peer Mentoring Program

Kilmer Center partners with several schools in the surrounding community to provide opportunities for students with and without disabilities to learn from each other.  Three schools participate in different peer mentoring opportunities throughout the school year.  Through these partnerships all of the students develop their communication and social skills, increase their self-confidence, empathy, and develop a greater sense of responsibility.      

Students at Kilmer Middle School can choose a Peer Mentor class as an elective in their eighth grade year.  They come to Kilmer Center for that class period every day for a semester.  They work directly in the classroom with students or with staff adapting curriculum materials. 

Seventh grade students at The Langley School learn how to adapt fun activities for the Kilmer Center Field Day in June.  The students create games that are accessible for individuals who have visual, hearing, physical and cognitive challenges. 

As part of their Co-Curriculum program, Madeira students come to Kilmer Center every day for a five week period.  During this time, they work directly with students providing peer modeling and peer tutoring.